The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) has launched a full-scale assault on the interior design industry nationwide.

For 30 years, ASID has aggressively lobbied for legislation that would effectively put the majority of hard-working designers out of business or prevent them from calling themselves “interior designers” unless they possess certain arbitrary credentials—credentials that just happen to be identical to those needed to become a “professional” member of ASID.

They claim interior design should be licensed to protect the public’s health and safety—yet there is not a shred of evidence to corroborate this claim.

In reality, this small group of industry insiders is pushing for regulation in order to eliminate much of their competition.

What is at stake is one of the most basic freedoms afforded to U.S. citizens—the right to earn an honest living.  

This is an outrageous assault on economic liberty, and their efforts to cartelize the interior design industry must be stopped.
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  • The NCIDQ -- the exam that ASID would like to see in place for all designers -- was actually founded by ASID in 1974 and then "spun off" in an attempt to deflect attention away from ASID intent to create a cartel.
  • Historically, the NCIDQ has had a first-time passage rate for all three sections taken at the same time of less than 40%?  Even the bar exam for attorneys has a better passage rate than that!

  • The NCIDQ can cost more than $2000 to take, including prep materials and travel expenses to take the 2-day exam.
When they say their intent is 
not to put anyone out of business, 
don't you believe it!

and/or fined in Florida -- a state with 
an ASID-supported practice act.

Lives were traumatized and businesses were destroyed at the hands of ASID and Florida's anti-competitive law.
ASID's "new" legislation policy....

Backpedaling as fast as they can!